Amy James - Veterinary Assistant


Amy is a born and raised madisonian who spent her younger years running around with her brothers and caring for her own little zoo (snakes, turtles, salamanders, rabbits, dogs etc.) Amy attended various camps throughout her childhood, including Hoofbeat Ridge and Whispering Pines, before beginning more involved horseback riding lessons in her late teens. She’s always had a love and passion for horses, but being a bit of an anomaly in her family, didn’t really get to delve in until joining the Polo Club of UW-Madison her sophomore year of college. Amy now competes nationally with the Polo Club of UW-Madison and plays with the Madison Polo Club in the summer. During the summer, Amy also competes in logrolling at the professional level and coaches with Madison Log Rolling. In her free time she enjoys soccer, time outdoors, dogs and movies.