Client Forms

  1. Payment Guarantee Form - If you choose to not pay at the time of service, we do require that you have a credit or debit card on file to guarantee payment. You can send this form back to us at, or bring it to your appointment.

  2. Emergency Authorization Form - It's important to think about emergency care before an emergency happens. Fill out this form so that we know who to contact, what you're willing to spend, and how to get your horse care in an emergency.

  3. Vaccination, Dental, and Deworming Chart - We keep track of all of your preventative care needs, but it is also important for you to keep a detailed record of your horse’s medical history as well. Use this form to make sure your horse is always up to date on it’s veterinary care.

  4. Irongate’s Strategic Deworming Protocol– This link will provide you with Irongate Equine Clinic’s recommendations for strategic deworming at your barn. A Targeted deworming program is designed to decrease resistance to deworming products that you use on a regular basis.

  5. Irongate’s Fecal Sample Protocol – Want to have your horse’s fecal sample tested in order to strategically deworm your horse? This document explains the protocol for collecting the sample and bringing it into the clinic or having it ready for the veterinarian to pick up during your next farm call.

Horse Ownership Resources

  1. Farrier Listing - We've compiled a list of farriers in the south central Wisconsin area. These are not recommendations or referrals, merely a directory for you.

  2. Stall Card - We've put together a stall card with important information which includes: normal vitals, feeding patterns, and special notes for your horse. We highly recommend you fill this out and hang it on your stall. Print a bunch out and take them with you to every show!

  3. AAEP – For Horse Owners – AAEP’s mission is to improve the welfare of the horse through equine practitioners. Become a member, and you can receive veterinarian advice from all over the country.

  4. Wisconsin Horse Council – The WHC is dedicated to promoting the equine industry in Wisconsin. Read up on new initiatives, upcoming shows, etc.

  5. American Horse Council – The AHC is a non-profit group that protects the equine industry’s interests in Congress. Stay up to date on the status of quarantines, new agriculture bills, and medication regulations.

  6. Midwest Horse Fair – Held every Spring, MHF focuses on education, networking, and promotional opportunities. Review the schedule, find the exhibitors, buy tickets, and more.

  7. My Vet Link – Need access to your horse’s Coggins? My Vet Link keeps a record of your horse’s coggins for you to access 24/7 in case you need more copies or misplaced your copy.


  1. Trailer Safety from Double D Services – Double D Trailer Services in Verona is an excellent resource in Trailer Safety! Take a look at all of their great articles which include helpful safety checklists, hauling tips, information about trailer maintenance, and details about tires, weight distribution, and trailer types.

  2. Irongate’s Vaccination Recommendations – This article covers the general diseases that horses are routinely vaccinated against. Vaccination recommendations should be considered with your horses age and exposure risk in mind. Speak to your veterinarian to ensure these recommendations are appropriate for your horse(s).

  3. Guide to Poisonous Plants – Colorado State University – This useful guide highlights those plants which can be a danger to horses if they’re planted, or naturally develop, in your pastures.