Mare services

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Breeding your mare is a big commitment, but our experienced veterinarians can help to ensure this process goes as smoothly and safely as possible. We can guide you every step of the way, including stallion selection, breeding preparation, insemination, pregnancy evaluation, foaling, postpartum assessment, and newborn evaluation. Our skilled staff is ready for any challenge that may arise along the way so you may have the ultimate reward – a healthy mare and foal.

Prior to breeding your mare, we’ll perform a comprehensive reproductive evaluation on her, including a detailed ultrasound examination of her reproductive tract to assess her potential fertility as a broodmare. If possible or existing problems are identified, further diagnostics will be performed, including uterine culture and cytology, endometrial biopsy, and uterine endoscopy.

If your mare is a “problem” or high-risk mare, or has a history of sub-fertility, we offer a range of management and therapeutic options to maximize her chances of becoming pregnant and maintaining her pregnancy to term.

We have extensive experience in managing mares for breeding with both fresh-cooled and frozen semen, either on your farm or at our breeding facility in Waunakee. When your mare becomes pregnant, we can determine fetal sex, if desired, and are able to periodically monitor the progress of the pregnancy and fetal development, particularly for high-risk mares.

For interested mare owners, complete embryo transfer services are available, including cryopreservation or freezing of embryos for future use.

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stallion services

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Whether your stallion is a novice breeder or an experienced stud, whether you’re breeding a limited number of mares locally or shipping semen across the country, we offer a full array of stallion services to make the semen collection and stallion management process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Prior to breeding mares with your stallion, we’ll perform a breeding soundness examination to assess his potential fertility. This evaluation can include an assessment of his fresh semen, fresh-cooled semen, or frozen semen after thawing, depending on your intended breeding method. If you have a new or novice stallion, we’ll start by training him to the phantom to facilitate semen collection and evaluation.

If you have the need or desire to ship your stallion’s semen across the country, we’ll handle the details and collect, process, package and ship his semen to its destination, minimizing the work on your end. If your stallion is showing or otherwise unavailable, or if you’re just preparing for the unthinkable, complete semen freezing services are also available.

For stallions with fertility issues, we can complete a full fertility work-up, utilizing the latest diagnostic techniques, including a detailed ultrasound examination of the reproductive tract and advanced laboratory testing.

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