Howard Ketover, DVM

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Articles by Dr. Ketover:

  • While veterinarians provide important insight into your horse’s health, it’s important that you, too, are able to perform a basic equine physical exam! Here, Dr. Ketover reviews how to perform a physical exam in 120 seconds – and it will cost you $0!

  • Dr. Ketover has extensive training in Large Animal Technical Rescue, and trains local first responders and experienced horse owners. Here’s a brief review of the best way to help a downed horse.

  • During an education seminar for our clients, Dr. Ketover reviewed the 7 most common equine emergencies, and what you can do to help.

  • Stringhalt is a neurologic lameness with mysterious origins and a poor outlook. Here’s a video demonstrating a horse with classic stringhalt, and Dr. Ketover’s review of the illness.

  • Here are the five most important rules about equine emergencies. HINT: It’s all about being prepared, and being safe.

  • Feeding your horse at all times can be a maze of too much information for the conscientious horse owner. Feeding your horse in cold weather can be downright overwhelming. Dr. Ketover reviews some important tips on feeding your horse in the winter.


  • Bacherlor's and Veterinary Degree, Colorado State University

Areas of Interest:

  • Preventative Care

  • Lameness and Sports Performance

  • Emergency Rescue

Dr. Ketover’s love of horses came honestly – his grandfather served in the cavalry in World War I and later owned a horse farm in New Jersey. Dr. Ketover grew up all over the United States, learning to ride in the hunter/jumper arena along the way. Now, he shares his passion for horses with his family and clients.

In addition to his veterinary work, Dr. Ketover facilitated the development of the Wisconsin Large Animal Emergency Response (WLAER), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that responds to large animal emergencies like down and entrapped animals, trailer accidents, and mud/water rescues. WLAER also prioritizes education, teaching first responders and veterinarians throughout the state. You can read more about Dr. Ketover’s work with WLAER in this article focusing on the increasing need for technical rescue training.

Dr. Ketover is also committed to giving back to his equine community and has been a volunteer speaker at 4H, FFA, and Wisconsin Horse Council events, as well as serving as a past president of Wisconsin Equine Practitioners Association. He also serves as a Veterinary Control Judge at endurance rides and combined driving events.